15 reasons to date a baker

The country’s romance with all the Great British bake-off features presented the skill, creativeness and enthusiasm of bakers. We questioned our buddies within Hummingbird Bakery to express their main reasons why you ought to consider internet dating a baker (if the possibility arise)…


1. They are going to provide complimentary meal. By far top explanation to date a baker. Getting involved romantically with somebody who is baking inclined will secure an array of delicious cooked goods on your lap on a regular basis. And all lovingly made by their unique fair hand

2. They’re creative. Many bakers tend to be skilled designers as well and are also comfy revealing their unique artsy area. Frosting is their paint and dessert is the canvas. Expect precious snacks with your name to them.

3. They have excellent flavor. All those desserts, cupcakes and pastries practice bakers to possess an excellent palate. Who more straightforward to come with you for a romantic meal big date?

4. They’re able to carry hefty circumstances. All that whisking, beating, lifting and stirring provides them with great chest muscles energy under those aprons!

5. Family will cherish them. Whenever a baker informs you exactly what their job is actually, you always listen to a chorus of “oohs” and “aahs”. Their own abilities are certain to impress the family whenever they bring a homemade dessert along.

6. They can be proficient at soon after guidelines. Attempting to a meal means that capable simply take course in addition they think systematically.

7. They’ve been group people. The temperature of the ovens and busy kitchens mean that bakers are incredibly careful to others and additionally they usually work with attention and esteem.

8. They may be prepared. Christmas time gifts purchasing for your family? Booking an anniversary getaway out? You’ll use your own baker to prioritise tasks making planning very simple.

9. These are generally very driven. It will require an unique variety of person to get fully up very at the beginning of the early morning although many individuals are nestled up in bed. And they’re going to have in all probability baked a few dazzling creations if your wanting to’ve actually hit snooze.

10. They will deliver their job house (and that is a good thing). Bakers can not resist using their leisure time to test out various quality recipes and flavours in their own kitchen areas. Get fork from the ready, as you get to be their unique chief taste tester!

11. Hunt beyond the hairnets, it isn’t really simply the ovens which happen to be hot. Understanding your path around a kitchen is actually sensuous and great food is exactly about hedonism. Baking is pure delight for the senses.

12. They’re a dab hand with laundry. Bakers’ overalls have to be pristine and thoroughly clean for home, you won’t see them shirking laundry obligations.

13. They are going to have a sense of humour. All those off-the-wall novelty cakes come from the playful masterminds of some really cheeky bakers.

14. Prepare is handled like royalty. Wave goodbye to shop-bought desserts, you are going to get do-it-yourself birthday celebration desserts for life. Plus when it’s maybe not a special affair, your own baker beau could make you feel just like a million dollars with treats than you are able to shake a spatula at.

15. Excellence will come as common. From a croquembouche to a loaf of sourdough, bakers would not think of helping up any such thing below exemplary. They are objective focused and will always make sure they provide their loved ones their all.


Hummingbird Bakery delivers the authentic flavor of home-baked US desserts and desserts towards the UK baked new from finest high quality materials. Visit certainly one of their unique six London branches or purchase on the internet.




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